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Senior Dinners

Nearly a quarter of the people who live in Livingston, Park County Montana, are over 65 years old. And, approximately 15% live at or below the poverty level. Many of these senior citizens live with food insufficiency and malnutrition.

Three years ago, the Livingston Food Resource Center launched the Pantry Supper Club to address the issue of hunger among our community’s elderly population. This program provides nutritious dinner meals, five nights per week, to low-income seniors in Livingston and Park County.

The meals are designed to support good health in a population that suffers from high rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, and other chronic illnesses. The meals are prepared in the Center’s Community Kitchen and delivered to more than 60 participating seniors every week. 

Oncology patients of all ages are also eligible for this program through a partnership with Livingston HealthCare.

For more information or to enroll in the program contact Cindy at (406)-222-5335 or email her

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