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About The Livingston Food Resource Center

Our History

The Livingston Food Resource Center began as the Livingston Food Pantry in 2006. From its roots on North M Street, we have come a long way! In January of 2015, we moved into our current location, added a licensed commercial kitchen along with a community meeting space all while becoming the Livingston Food Resource Center. Our new centrally located space has allowed us to expand our programming to better serve the community and LFRC’s mission. 

Who Works at LFRC

LFRC has employees who manage the kitchen, cook meals and oversee programs and services. Our 70-plus volunteers do all the stocking, sorting, labeling, assist in the kitchen and help clients make food selections.

Impact Statement

At the Livingston Food Resource Center we know the power that words hold. We are truly a resource for our community by providing more than just really good food. From child nutrition education programs to mental health counseling to working with local producers, we are incredibly proud of the work we do to serve Park County. 

Where Our Food Comes From

Local food can be defined many ways but is typically defined as food that is produced within a short distance of where it is consumed. We do not use mileage to define our local food purchasing policy, rather we use locality and intention to make sure we are purchasing outside of the traditional, large-scale supply chain. 

Our local food purchasing ethos is to first source agricultural products such as dairy, eggs, meat, produce, and grains from Park County, then from SW Montana, then from Montana, and then from the Pacific Northwest, our regional hub. 

Our Local Food Purchasing Program is an example of what food pantries can do to make their work sustainable. This program is a true financial investment into farmers - who frequently face systemic challenges themselves. Our investment in the local economy will provide resilience to economic turbulence, and the LFRC will be able to invest their energy and funds into farmers who are leaders in the agricultural sector.

This program will provide nutritious food, local economic growth and support the overall health and wellbeing of the community. 

Are you a farmer that wants to work with us? Please email the Procurement Manager at

Impact Report

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