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The People Behind Our Mission

Erin Mason

Erin Mason

Erin is dedicated to addressing social issues through impactful work in the non-profit sector and advocacy. Currently serving as the Pantry Advocate, Erin focuses on combating food insecurity by not only providing food to those in need but also offering valuable information about other community resources. Erin's approach prioritizes creating a safe and dignified environment for all individuals accessing the pantry services.

Erins's journey in the non-profit world began with an afterschool academic enrichment program, where they cultivated a deep interest in social issues and community support. This foundational experience has fueled a commitment to making tangible changes in Park County.

Currently, Erin is working on attaining a certification as a Human Rights Consultant, aiming to further their expertise and influence in ensuring equitable access to food and essential services. This additional credential underscores their dedication to advocating for food security and social justice within the community.  



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