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Come and visit our retail store in a safe way.

Shopping Safety

To help ensure the safety of our customers and staff while shopping at the Livingston Community Bakery's cozy little Retail Store, we're asking that all shoppers wear a mask.  And, to maintain a safe distance between shoppers, we ask that no more than two shoppers enter the store at one time.  Family groups up to three people will be allowed in the store.

Masks and hand sanitizer are available, if you forget yours, to ensure that we all experience a worry-free interaction. All frequently touched surfaces are sanitized continually and access to products is limited to the staff person helping you fulfill your order.

All of us at the Livingston Community Bakery look forward to seeing your smiling eyes once more and sharing the joys of fresh baked bread, muffins, rolls and cookies!


  • Locally made fruit jams and other gourmet food items.

  • Every kernel of KAMUT® brand wheat is certified organic.  Family farmers contract to grow organically certified KAMUT® wheat mostly in Montana because this environment most nearly duplicates its ancestral environment in Egypt.

  • Montana Flour & Grains is located in Fort Benton, the birthplace of Montana and the heart of wheat growing country.  We have provided certified organic and conventional high-quality flour and whole grain products locally and internationally for over 30 years.

  • Conservation Grains mills only fresh 100% whole grain, stone-ground flours because that’s what’s best for your health and for really great flavor.

  • 100% raw wildflower honey from Paradise Valley.

  • We aim to source, roast, and deliver a product that is socially, environmentally, and economically ethical. 
    Our mission is this: to craft coffee for a better day.