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Eliminating hunger in Livingston & Park County, Montana

[us_iconbox icon=”fas|shopping-basket” style=”outlined” title=”GET HELP” title_tag=”h2″ title_size=”30px” link=”url:%2Fhelp|||”]LFRC distributes food, including monthly food boxes, senior commodities, students Healthy Weekend bags and more! Click below for more details about our food programs.[/us_iconbox]
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[us_iconbox icon=”fas|graduation-cap” style=”outlined” title=”LEARN WITH US” title_tag=”h2″ title_size=”30px” link=”url:%2Fculinary-training%2F|||”]We are a hub for training and education around many aspects of food processing and preparation including: classes to prepare for careers in the food industry, classes on nutrition and cooking for kids and adults. Click below to learn more.[/us_iconbox]
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[us_iconbox icon=”fas|gift” style=”outlined” title=”DONATE” title_tag=”h2″ title_size=”30px” link=”url:%2Fdonate|||”]LFRC relies on the financial support of our community. More than 85% of the food distributed in the Food Pantry is purchased with funds and grants donated to the Center. We also accept food donations! Click below to find out how you can help.[/us_iconbox]
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Running the Numbers

[us_counter target=”330″ color=”primary” title=”The average number of households provided emergency food service each month in 2016.”]
[us_counter target=”90″ suffix=”+” color=”primary” title=”The number of seniors provided supplemental commodities each month.”]
[us_counter target=”250″ color=”primary” title=”The number of Healthy Weekend Food Bags distributed each week at Livingston elementary & middle schools.”]
[us_counter target=”400″ color=”primary” title=”The number of holiday meals distributed each year by LFRC.”]